Thursday, December 22, 2011

Rain Check

A splash of water, whiff of sand,
a powerpoint presentation i cant withstand
i pick up my phone when i htink of you
but i remember then, that work beckons me and you
rain lashes unaware
as we build dreams under its clouds
and i stretch my palms to catch a drop of magic
that to this land does belong.

over my city
the clouds form a shadow
the sun shies away
and i look up to a better day
by afternoon you can hear them
like galloping horses
running from the shed
lightening strikes in heaven
unites with thunder, its long lost twin
the city becomes like a small town
and from my window i look down
at the palm trees and the tea stalls
chatter and banter while meeting calls
i wonder if i should keep sitting here in my silo
or run wild in to the lovely meadow!

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