Thursday, December 22, 2011

how did the beatles know?

At a point in life, where reality collides with magic and all hell breaks loose when practical life pours out of a floating dream; the Beatles restored my faith in magic last night and this is how.
My flat mate and I were blissfully sitting in our respective rooms convincing ourselves into believing that we were doing something creative or progressive by doodling and writing, when suddenly the lights went off. The cause for this unforeseen activity was the ‘tripping current’ as per our landlord; hence forth referred to as Uncle. I thought to myself; Tripping sounds like such an awesome thing for the lights to be doing! Uncle went down to fix the fuse and he kept turning it on and off, but to no affect. We were losing hope, sweating in the heat and feeling lost in the darkness.
Usually when you have nothing more left to lose, you suddenly feel like singing like a detached recluse. So I went; “nothing you can do that can’t be done…” and flat mate started giggling first and then joined in singing; “nothing you can sing that can’t be sung…”. Then I turned on the song on my phone because we couldn’t remember the rest of the words. The song was playing and we are laughing; forgetting all woes, the deadlines, the heat, the frustration and just singing along.
Exactly when the Beatles said: “all you need is love”; the light above our heads blinked for a second. We were overjoyed. Every time the Beatles said the magic words, the lights would blink and then finally by the second stanza’s ‘all you need is love’ the lights were back for good. We laughed and jumped like two wanderers who had discovered gold and exclaimed; “that was just like magic!”

Rain Check

A splash of water, whiff of sand,
a powerpoint presentation i cant withstand
i pick up my phone when i htink of you
but i remember then, that work beckons me and you
rain lashes unaware
as we build dreams under its clouds
and i stretch my palms to catch a drop of magic
that to this land does belong.

over my city
the clouds form a shadow
the sun shies away
and i look up to a better day
by afternoon you can hear them
like galloping horses
running from the shed
lightening strikes in heaven
unites with thunder, its long lost twin
the city becomes like a small town
and from my window i look down
at the palm trees and the tea stalls
chatter and banter while meeting calls
i wonder if i should keep sitting here in my silo
or run wild in to the lovely meadow!

here and now

here and now