Tuesday, December 23, 2008

365 degree

Have come a full circle
Had a whole share of the pie
And maybe a little more than what it had to offer

Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Desdemona’s spell (part 2)

Othello is waiting
Slicing his sword
Othello is waiting
Bare and bold
Out in his dome
Leaving Des alone
To fight with her past
Erase it till it lasts
A large audience
In O’s arena
Stares in silence
At O’S furious red eyes
Where is Des gone?
In whose bed she lies?
Des lies trapped
In her dreaming room
Broken bars of the asylum
Conceive her doom
Fate cast its spell
And Des jumped in the well
Outraged Othello pushed his sword
Into his feeble heart, and roared
The crowd in silence
Huddled to lament
Until Othello found Des
In a parallel universe
Freed of her spell,
He held her in his sight
Redemption he begged
Stripped and exposed
Of his imperfect self
Des looked up into his guilty eyes
Cocooned her skin in his chest
And the dagger that was love
Became ambrosia instead.

here and now

here and now