Sunday, July 3, 2016

Haiku #4

Dreading the day
When I would describe us
In past tense

Tuesday, June 21, 2016

The Red Dress

The red dress
With strappy laces
Going along the bend
Of my delicate neck

The red dress
With block print
Long and slender
Along my limbs

The red dress
Accompanied by
Brass earrings
That go ching ching

The red dress
Curly hair falls on it
Along the neck
Covering my dark skin

The red dress
And time of dusk
Birds flying home
Sun setting behind the buildings

The red dress
Black kohl framing big eyes
Matching red lipstick
French manicured nails

The red dress
Waiting for compliments
That redirect towards
Those under thirty girls

The red dress
Posing in anticipation
Of a text
“You look stunning”

The red dress
Demanding her
Pamper me, pamper me
We go to the salon

The red dress
Enters the dinner table
Blush berry sangria
And a friend’s fears for company

The red dress
Hails a cab
At about midnight
Covers up her chest

The red dress
Looks in the mirror
Falls in love
With herself

The red dress
Is off my skin
Tucked in bed
In the company of dreams 

Saturday, January 16, 2016

Travelogues of a manic depressive girl in Sri Lanka

Crazy in the morning
Spirited in the afternoon
Calm at sunset
Sleepy by night

As the window changes scenery
Her mind changes moods
Beaches to hills to wildlife
Her mind is rough, sunny, hot
Then cool, chilly, frozen
And then it pours!

She goes upstream, then downstream
With the current, against the current
Drifting, drowning
Ebbing, receding

The high tides of her mind are dangerous
She dresses, undresses, over dresses
And then she walks in her night gown

Slow like the elephants of Pinnawale elephant orphanage
Helpless like the albino turtle of Kosgoda turtle hatchery
Mischievous like the squirrel that loves fries in Mirissa beach
Indomitable like the blue whales of Mirissa; blowing air
She needs to come to the surface to breathe  just like those whales

She is deep like the oceans of Hikkaduwa
Violent like the waves of Kogolla
And then blue like the beaches of Bentota

Smashing like the mighty Devon waterfalls
Transient like the tea leaves of Nuwara Eliya;
Morose like the noise of the car engine on the south Srilankan highway
Blushing pink like the magnificent sunset
Stubborn as the rock of Sigiriya
Calm as the Buddha statues in every street corner
High maintenance like the precious gem stones
Old world and arty like Galle's dutch lanes
Attention-seeking like the cat in Negombo

She is Sri Lanka
Lanka is a mirror
Sri Lanka is a million emotions that converge
Like a tear drop in the Indian Ocean

here and now

here and now