Monday, September 23, 2013

Accidental Rendezvous


I ask god for one chance encounter
An accidental rendezvous
Maybe in a flight
Or an elevator
In a meeting room
Or a waiting room
A tryst
A truthful confrontation
A surge of emotions
Controlled exterior
Uncontrollable inside
Questions answered
Truths revealed
Love requited
Thirst quenched
Maybe in the rains, drenched
Maybe in the snow of faraway lands traveled
Stuck together
For a day
Or maybe just 5 minutes
But 5 honest minutes
Looking each other in the eye
Not lying
Not denying
Not hurrying
Nor worrying
Not waiting for something to happen
For it is happening in that moment
And then the place, the time
Become insignificant
Time stops for those 5 minutes
Maybe time goes backwards
And starts all over again
Will we make the same mistakes
We are star crossed fools
We will probably make the same mistake again
But we didn’t regret it then
We won't regret it now
Will you smile, will you cry
Will I rise, will I fall
Will you look at me differently?
Now that time has passed
And I am better, and I am worse
Will you recognize me?
Will I look at you differently?
Will you become nothing?
Or will you still remain everything
One accidental rendezvous
Is all I ask for.

Tuesday, July 2, 2013

The Confirmist And The Escapist

You are a conformist; happiest when you've made everyone around you happy. 
she is an escapist; happiest when she is dreaming.
so how does a conformist make an escapist happy?
you let her escape.

What happens after she escapes?
she floats,
blissfully unaware of the harsh reality that surrounds her
and you protect her every time her dreams are knocked down.

Thursday, April 4, 2013

Scratching the surface

He looked at me once before leaving
I asked: what do you feel?
He said: a combination of love and irritation

here and now

here and now