Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Hard Rock Happiness

"One Electric Iced Tea and one Mohito comin’ right up!" "Oh my god, they are playin Floyd!" "Hey, buy me that t-shirt!!" "Are you sure you can walk to the souvenir store without banging onto anything??"
The seats are close together. The people sitting on it are even closer together. In thought, in words, in prayer. Not just hands, eyes and feet. The moon is shining somewhere brightly outside. The city is caught up in the humdrum of monotony. But those two lost souls swimming in a fish bowl are too dizzy with joy to care about the world outside. The music is making them sway and things that were unsaid are expressed in the words of Floyd.

Heads come closer, lashes meet, lips touch and the two lost souls belong.

Wish you were here.

here and now

here and now