Thursday, May 26, 2011

Rose in a beer glass

The rose lay there,

waiting to be taken...
fleshed in red.

It is gone today
after withering in a beer glass,
the disappearing shadow of two lives

They live now; miles apart
in separate lives,

Has their story withered too, becoming nothing?


Knock knock - a reality check
tick tock - and i forget
question question - who am i?
why? why? - did i cry?
bang bang - he broke it
sang song - will we make it?
ping ping - the other calls
wink wink -i play mischief
think think - to make a choice
tring tring - i hear your voice
ouch ouch - it broke again
stitch stitch - i mend it
blow blow - my heart inflated
sway sway - all is ok
take take - i give it all away
giggle giggle - the tears dry
love love - one crazy emotion
knock knock - my door is open.

here and now

here and now