Thursday, May 26, 2011

Rose in a beer glass

The rose lay there,

waiting to be taken...
fleshed in red.

It is gone today
after withering in a beer glass,
the disappearing shadow of two lives

They live now; miles apart
in separate lives,

Has their story withered too, becoming nothing?


vinayak said...

The end of a story,
is like the rainbow pot
The more they reach for it
They reach it not

Whither fate of rose?
A rose does wither!
A glass, a bottle
or Cupid's quiver

Memory of the fragrance
Luring through the night
The shadow disappearing
with the fading light

How far, how near
Is what they pretend
Miles differ from distance
That's the story of the End

arkana said...

This is beautiful. It took me 7 years to see your comment

here and now

here and now