Friday, September 12, 2008

Dare to dream and post it?

Today I woke up with a restless mind that decided to do something really cool with her time which is mostly spent idle (especially in the office.) Many people write dream journals where they keep posting their dreams on a regular basis. I know that nobody really cares what dreams they had after about 11 minutes of waking up. We soon forget the besieging thought, the soul searching question and the innerving imagery in the hustle and bustle of our daily life spent running like the family members of Eshaan Awasthi in the song "hai duniya ka naara... jamey raho”. So I decided to do something the dyslexic kid would enjoy doing.
I have decided to articulate my dreams in a blog which I have proudly christened the-dreaming-room. It may sound tacky but I am going to come up with all these marketing gimmicks to make it look gothic and intriguing when it appears in search results! Yes the dark side of the dark side exposed.
I am quite sure that my dreams have got the genuine potential to give Goosebumps to anyone, especially myself. But mostly they just end up giving people a lot to crack jokes about.
Be it horses or be it Lucifer, my friends would tell you how much my dreams have contributed to the laughter and theatre of many.
So wish me luck on my first marketing assignment of creating a scary/weird/psychotic/arKane dream blog called the-dreaming-room. Humor on this subject will not be appreciated.

The dreaming room screening process: each and every dream will have to go through a screening process. That doesn’t mean they have to be screened on a 70 mm screen. The dreams will be scrutinized on their content and nature. Reader discretion is advised.

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Silent Knight said...

Hey sweety,

Gujjus come under category = above vindhyas and hence would be under jurisdiction of the USB ;)

That apart, your recent post took me back to MICA :)
And the Lucifer incident!
And funny that was :) seriously. have u seen the movie yet? then you would have understood the similarities :D

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