Monday, September 1, 2008

bloggin' on a railway platform...

Sitting on the edge of a crowded seat, at the Surat railway station, platform no. 1, I realize that I have 30 minutes to kill till the train comes and rescues me from the boringness and gujju-ness of this bomb-proof city. Habituated to the hustle and bustle of Bombay life, I got ready an hour early and now I lie here like a loser, bloggin' on a railway platform.
I started writing with some other subject in mind but now I feel like writing about something else. Maybe, about the goodbye speech I never made while bidding farewell to friends/colleagues at work here.
A change is always exciting. So when my bosses told me to go to Surat, I was; well 'excited'. They say you shouldn’t make friends at work, shouldn’t mix business with pleasure, shouldn’t trust your colleagues etc etc. but I broke all those rules, although cautiously and I am still alive! I made friends in people of the kind I had discarded all my life. But still learnt immensely from them!

I was here for a month. If I was here for too long, I would have got attached to this place and the idiosyncrasies of this race! However, I leave today with a smile after raising a glass with those 3 friends in the same Dil Chahata Hai fashion that I always fantasized.

Now I am headed home. Right when I thought I was 22 and liberated, they put me back in the comfort of my own home with everything served on a platter, a car, a driver, world space radio, DVD, laptop, TV, fridge etc among other things that I was doing without in Surat. Important among those other things are mom, dad, sis and granny.
The sun is shining brighter now and the engine's whistling louder. I can see my train at the distant track calling me home...!

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