Saturday, March 3, 2012

Why we 'were'

The lego blocks are stacked
Haphazardly so
The little boy is proud
Of his little edifice
But he isn’t smiling…
The little girl is quiet
She puts her first block…
The children don’t know
How to build the blocks together.
The boy all of a sudden
Snatches the girl’s blocks
And the girl starts crying.
The boy is surprised
He thought they were finally playing together.
He looks at her tears
And starts playing alone again…
The teacher wonders:
When will my children
Learn to play with lego toys…

We are but two children
Playing with lego toys
Building our blocks
But not one on another
Your words the first block
Mine the second
But not one on another
But distanced apart
Like two kids in a classroom
Who haven’t learnt to play together
And whose teacher is yet to teach them
How to share their toys…

Lego blocks will become concrete buildings
Strong, unperturbed, silent in the storm
But with no window to each ether
Like twin towers that do not know
They have a twin.

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