Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Alice Grunge

Alice was at a rock concert. The crowd was in a trance, mesmerized in the tunes and words of Floyd. Alice was dressed in a black and red garment bizarrely snipped by the Mad Hatter. A cigarette on her ringless fingers and a bottle of red wine in another hand, she found herself swaying in trance and head-banging to the guitar when the rabbit looked into her eyes and showed her the time on its watch. Alice was distracted. She ran behind the rabbit hurriedly.

The rabbit said “Don't you have any sense of direction? You are on the wrong way. Don't follow me. Hurry back on the path you left behind.”

"Why should I go back to the path of hopeless emptiness? The path that echoes silence and offers a tempting feast on a platter but is tasteless when consumed. The path that is planned, predictable, almost time-tabled"

“That's your path of conformity, Alice” warned the rabbit.

“I am just curious! Besides, I will be back.”

“What if you get lost and never find your way back” grinned the rabbit.

“That's a risk I am willing to take” announced Alice.

The rabbit laughed, as if in ridicule and scurried off.

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ANUSHA said...

nice.....i like it!!!....esp the underlying message....

here and now

here and now