Sunday, March 8, 2009

HaiL CaRRie!

On women’s day, I woke up in an empty bed miles away from my home and parents, in a makeshift apartment that holds my life, my belongings and my office swipe card. In Ahmedabad I work work work, and then I come home and crash with my laptop. (No, the laptop doesn’t crash with me. She has been faithful so far.) For a girl like me the only woman to look up to would be my boss and Carrie Bradshaw. Since I know only little about my boss, I would like to dedicate this post to Carrie. To me Carrie is the ‘morarji bapu’ of single women! She lives the life she wants. She chooses the career that makes her happy. She buys the shoes she likes. She is free, spirited and expressive.
She is an ode to all single women telling them that they need not wait for someone to brighten their lives. On women’s day I’ll be taking off to the salon for a luxurious afternoon. I also intend to shop, for the single gal deserves her shoes. Then in the evening I am off with my gals (the two iyer punnughal I met in Mica) for the women’s day festival at Natrani theatre. I almost forgot to add, I am gonna savor the cutting chai of the chaiwala sitting outside the salon. He has lightened many tired evenings with his mesmerizing cuppa!
Like Carrie I write, shop, and dream. Carrie doesn’t say that men are disposable, but she says that life can be as blissful without a man. Sometimes when the laptop and the coffee are all you have for company celebrate being independent, free and bold. Celebrate your shoes, shirts and bag. Celebrate your blog, your career, your life!
Hail Carrie! (and hail the occasional Samantha, Miranda and Charlotte too!)


Cow-Herd said...

Happy Womens Day ArKane! (I know am late) I have a very good reason. Will put it up on my blog soon.

I assume the 2 kongu-ponungal are my fault. And my SATC knowledge isn't very extensive, but it would be interesting to know who they would be. And if and where I fit into the overall scheme of things.

PS: I have always thought for a long time that Sneha looks like Sarah Jessica Parker. Don't tell her I said that though. ;)

Mayank Austen Soofi said...

To send you an invite, I would need your e-mail id. Please e-mail it to me at

bhumit said...
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..... said...

nice one !!!

desdemona said...

thanks, but who are u, mr/ms .... ?

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